John & Jenny Horrocks
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3-Bedroom Apartment
for rent in Cavalaire-sur-Mer near St Tropez
Please put "Cavalaire" in the subject line

Please be sure to leave a telephone number when you leave a message
Equipment provided
Families with smaller children
We aim to make the apartment as convenient as possible for families with smaller children and we supply a cot, a buggy/stroller, a high chair, and plates and beakers for children.
The apartment is very suitable for 3-generation families as the master bedroom is en-suite and not adjacent to the living room and other bedrooms. The domaine is spacious and the swimming pools are fully fenced off for safety. There is a good children's playground about 10 minutes walk away near the centre of the town. The main supermarket is only 3 minutes walk away and so you will not need to use a car every day. We would welcome any suggestions for other ways to help families with smaller children.
Bikes and beach equipment
Towels and bed linen
Towels and bed linen can be arranged ready for you in the apartment by the local cleaners. The charge is 10 Euros per bed (single or double) and 5 Euros per large towel and 3 Euros per small towel. Charges are for one or two weeks. The mattresses and pillows are covered with cotton "protectors" and plasticised protectors are available for the bunk beds if you have smaller children
We supply two adult size mountain bikes, one ladies "shopping" bike and two small children's bikes with stabilisers. There are locks for the adult bikes. We also supply beach mats, a beach parasol and two small beach chairs and a set of boules. Tenants are fully responsible for checking the bikes before use and for repairing any punctures, use is exclusively at your own risk. The bikes are all fairly new and of "supermarket" quality - ie adequate for casual local use but if you are a serious cyclist you wll want to bring your own. Please bring your own cycle helmets.
All the items descvribed here are supplied on a "best efforts" basis, ie we cannot guarantee their availablity - if they are lost or damaged we may not be able to replace them immediately but we will do so when we can, alternatively we would ask you to contact us and replace them yourselves and we would refund you.
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